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This Rental Service Lets You Trade Spaces All Over the World

It’s a much more affordable way to experience that seaside cottage in Ireland.

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Airbnb’s got a pretty good thing going. It’s well past its terrible twos (your aunt who claimed you’d get stabbed using it years ago now leaves passionate reviews) and out-hustles most hotels in the uniqueness rankings. Besides, the stay-and-review model is working well in boutique offshoots like BangtelBud and BreakfastZerobnb.

And now there’s Love Home Swap, a new rental service where you literally trade places with folks from a different home/apartment/bungalow around the world.

The nicest treehouse in Santa Barbara, nay, the world (image from Love Home Swap).
A seaside cottage in Ireland (image from Love Home Swap).

How does it work? Love Home Swap’s “classic swap” is self-explanatory. You go to their house, they come to yours. It doesn’t have to be at the same time. (You might want to stay with a friend while they’re at your place, and vice versa.) Their creative wrinkle though, is what’s called a “points swap.” If one party doesn’t want to travel anywhere, they can swap (rent out) their home for points, to be redeemed at a location later. Then, that person can stay somewhere else down the line without having to host anyone.

If this all sounds complicated, head to Love Home Swap’s FAQ section here. If this all sounds somewhat unsafe … don’t be your aunt. The service is review-based like everything else in the 2018 economy, and vets interested users with identity verification.

Honestly, the best way to quell concerns might be perusing through the listings. There’s the Bohemian treehouse in Santa Barbara. The Northshore retreat in Kauai. Garden apartments in New Zealand and seaside cottages in Ireland. The selection and quality (photo quality, at least) is on par with what you expect from Airbnb, though you won’t find every country on their initial list.

Head here to sign up for the service — their Platinum package is $15 a month.