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MSNBC Replacing Greta Van Susteren with Ari Melber

She is leaving less than seven months after she joined.


Greta Van Susteren is leaving MSNBC—just six months after joining the news network.

She will be replaced in the 6 p.m. time slot with Ari Melber.

Van Susteren joined in the aftermath of the ouster of Roger Ailes — after a successful primetime stint at Fox News Channel.

Her decision to join MSNBC was seen at the time as part of an effort to render the network more centrist. The network had been gaining a strong reputation for tilting left throughout the day. Now it tries to focus on breaking news during the day and has even brought more breaking-news elements to its primetime programs.

Though MSNBC has seen a surge in viewership since the start of 2017, Van Susteren’s program, For the Record, has not.

Her replacement, Melber, is MSNBC’s chief legal correspondent, anchors his own program on the network on weekends and frequently fills in for MSNBC primetime hosts.

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