Screengrab from the trailer for The Handmaid's Tale, Season 2. (Hulu/YouTube)

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Hulu Offers a Ridiculously Enticing New Deal

This may be the best price plan for a streaming service.

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While Netflix just hit us with their biggest price increase, Hulu is actually droppingcosts for some packages.

The streamer’s basic service has been reduced to $5.99 per month, a decrease of $2. Admittedly, I’ve found deals near this level through special promotions before, but finding it as an everyday rate is astounding. Fans of Hulu originals like The Handmaid’s Tale, Castle Rock, Future Man and Marvel’s Runaways should be thrilled — $5.99 is the same price as the much less interesting CBS All Access, for instance, and gets you access to a lot of recent primetime and basic cable TV shows as well.

And while this price adjustment includes commercials, as a user I can tell you that they’re pretty limited — although the volume of the ads seems about 20% higher. Added bonus: Hulu offers “a sneaky good collection of films in their library,” as our editor-in-chief notes (Annihilation, Arrival, Sorry to Bother You, Reservoir Dogs…).

The downside? The live TV service of 60+ channels, will now go up $5-$7.

These prices start Feb. 26th for new subscribers, and current subscribers will get a discount on the following billing date. If you’re just about saving money, there’s always Freedrive, IMDb’s just-launched, not-terrible free movie service.

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