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VR Physical Therapy Helps Patients Recover Without a Trip to the Office

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(VR Physio)


Virtual reality has gotten attention for its use in gaming and film—but the immersive experience has more essential applications as well.

VR Physio, an Israel-based company, is using the technology to help patients get access to quality physical therapy without needing to go outside. Aside from finding a quality therapist, traveling to a rehab appointment can be limited by their mobility, depending on the injury.

The software uses the usual VR headsets like the HTC Vive or Oculus Rift, according to PSFK. It has two platforms, one designed for therapy clinics and the other for use at home.


VR Physio guides patients through a range of game-inspired exercises to improve recovery can liven up traditional therapy and make it more fun, especially for children. Patients, for example, might be asked to hit a target with a water gun by slowly rotating their neck.

Patients’ movements are tracked by the headset throughout each training session, so they can get an idea of the improvement made over time. In clinics, these session summaries can help physical therapists quantify the progress made and identify specific areas to focus on.

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