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Uber Elevate Plans for Flying Air Taxis in Dubai and Dallas Revealed

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Uber Elevate in Dubai (Uber)
Uber Elevate in Dubai (Uber)


Uber announced its plan to have a public demo of its on-demand flying taxi network ready for takeoff by 2020.

The big reveal came at Uber’s summit in Dallas, Texas on Tuesday where the riding-sharing company shared its plan for a network of electric vehicles, dubbed “Elevate.” Like riding in a taxi, passengers would be ferried through the skies at around 150 miles per hour inside autonomous electric planes, Business Insider reports.

Uber Elevate in Dallas (Uber)
Uber Elevate in Dallas (Uber)


Uber Elevate is planned to launch at the World’s Fair in Dubai in 2020. The company’s also partnered with Dallas-Fort Worth as another hub for the flying taxi network.

Uber’s summit also gave look at what the vehicle itself might look like. The company’s partnered with Aurora Flight Sciences to build an electric vertical electric vertical takeoff and landing (eVTOL) aircraft for the Elevate network.

The ride-sharing company’s idea to hit the skies was first shared in a white paper this October, but Tuesday’s event revealed more specifics.

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