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Tube Transport System to Make Travel From New York to Beijing Just Two Hours

ET3's concept resembles the Hyperloop One, but on a global scale.

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Flying cars might the future of air travel, but tube systems like the one proposed by ET3 could be the ground transportation of tomorrow.

The “mag-lev limo,” as ET3 call its concept, is a car-sized vehicle that travels in a network of connected tubes around the world as a faster, cheaper transport alternative to flying.

Passengers would be able to travel from New York City to Beijing in two hours. ET3’s CEO Daryl Oster envisions a trip from Cincinnati to the Taj Mahal in India costing $50, TechRepublic reports.

(Courtesy Hyperloop One)

If the tube transportation sounds familiar, it resembles the one Elon Musk proposed called Hyperloop (above). Though, ET3 remains in the concept phase while two companies are developing Hyperloop systems in Europe and the United Arab Emirates.

Unlike Hyperloop, which involves train-sized vehicles and is regional in scope, ET3 wants to build it’s “mag-lev limo” system on an international scale. A global network of tubes operating like a series of inter-connected highways would be a massive feat of collaboration and engineering that would require the entire system to be standardized.

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