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Selfie? There’s a Drone for That

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Selfie sticks are out. Drones are in.

During your next picturesque island getaway, instead of reaching out an arm or setting a self-timer countdown, slip a phone into the AirSelfie.


Self-described as the first pocket-sized flying camera that integrates with smartphones, AirSelfie is a tiny drone housed in a sleek phone case. Users snap in a smartphone, then direct four powerful propellers and a five-megapixel video camera into the air—up to 66 feet—to capture stunning aerial shots. The AirSelfie and phone cover price are a little more than $260.

“People have the impression that camera drones are costly, difficult to operate, and unwieldy,” Edoardo Stroppiana, co-founder of AirSelfie, said in a press release. “AirSelfie redefines the space with a device that’s small, light, and easy to use. We have succeeded in developing a great product, and we can’t wait to share it with our growing base of AirSelfie enthusiasts.”


Initially a Kickstarter campaign aiming for $50,000, the initiative raised more than $600,000 in just over a month. The first 1,000 devices sold out in the first 10 days, and delivery for more begins in May 2017.

“We’ve worked very hard to create a product that everyone can use to live a totally new experience,” Stroppiana added. The Italian entrepreneur notes that the AirSelfie includes self-generated Wi-Fi as well as a rechargeable battery through a cell phone case. The device connects to smartphones including iPhone (6-7 Plus), Huawei P9, Google Pixel, and Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge.

View the demo below and purchase an AirSelfie here.

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