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‘Mindset’ Headphones Will Rewire Your Brain Against Distractions

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For those who lose too much time to distractions over the course of a workday (and let’s face it, that’s most of us), Mindset headphones were made to provide a solution.

These headphones, which have been successfully Kickstarted a few times over, have a built-in EEG that monitors your brainwaves to determine when a listener focused, and also when they aren’t. When the wearer get distracted, the headset pings him or her with an audible notification, and the company claims that their headphones can help with resistance to distractions through machine learning.

That may sound a bit ominous, but it really isn’t. As Mindset figures out users’ daily concentration cycles, they will eventually be able to plan their days around them. Similar technology is used to train NASA astronauts and Olympic athletes, and is being used as an ADHD treatment.

For now, a pair of Mindset headphones starts at $250, and they’ll be shipped out in December 2017.