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Mark Hamill Joins With Valerie Plame’s Effort to Buy Twitter and Oust Trump

'Star Wars' actor says he's donated to her GoFundMe campaign and is now advocating for it.

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It never hurts to have Luke Skywalker and the Force on your side.

As RealClearLife reported last week, Valerie Plame Wilson—a former CIA operative, who was publicly outed by a Bush administration official—has launched a GoFundMe page, hoping to crowdfund the purchase of enough Twitter stock to take over the company—and then ban President Donald Trump from the platform for life. At the time we reported the story, Plame Wilson had rounded up about $14,500 of the $1 billion goal. (Twitter is thought to be worth about $15.7 billion.)

But now she has a potentially important celebrity endorsee in Mark Hamill, the actor who has portrayed Luke Skywalker since the ’70s and will reprise his role as the force-of-good-wielding Jedi knight in the upcoming Star Wars: The Last Jedi.

Hamill tweeted that he’d donated an unspecified amount to the cause and that he did so “gladly.”

In an @-reply to a fan, who questioned Hamill’s motives, the actor replied:

However “satirical” Hamill believes the campaign is, it has now raked in $82,770, a 17.5 percent uptick in just four days. There’s still a long way to go until $1 billion—but the Star Wars franchise and its fanbase have proven to be a billion-dollar force to be reckoned with.