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Watch This Video on the Cool Future of City Transportation

Tire maker Hankook shows off design innovation project for urban personal transportation.

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Every two years since 2012, Chinese-Indonesian tire company Hankook has run its Design Innovation project, peering into the future of what the tire industry might look like down the line.

Looking to disrupt the mono-wheel vehicle market, Hankook last year released the Magfloat concept, basically a tricked-out, tire-based hoverboard that soars at a comfortable 12 mph and can be shared in an urban environment (i.e. the future of a bike-share).

It also released the Flexup concept, which would provide mono-wheeled vehicle operators the ability to climb up stairs or other jagged/steep surfaces—the wheels themselves actually “grabbing” the surfaces.

Also launched were the iPlay, a two-wheel urban car-sharing system; the Shiftrac, an innovation for police car wheels that might need to weave through traffic seamlessly or screech around corners; and Autobine, a self-driving bus concept, which integrates detachable wheels.

Take a look at all of the concepts in action in the video above.