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HandEnergy Charges Your Smartphone Using the Power of Your Hand

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Charge Your Smartphone With the Power of Your Hand


If your significant other categorizes you as a “handsy” type of person, this new device could be your saving grace. HandEnergy is a new device that taps your hand (or hands) like a oil derrick. Let us explain.

Dublin, Ireland–based HandEnergy has launched both a Kickstarter and Indiegogo campaign to shill its eponymous invention, which is basically a baseball-sized object that you hold in your hand and move around. That simple motion creates energy, which can then be connected via wire to your smartphone in order to charge it. So while you’re scrolling through social media with one hand, the other can be holding (and manipulating) the HandEnergy ball, pumping your dying battery full of life.

How does it work? There’s a mechanism inside the ball that rotates at an average pace of 5,000 rpm to generate electricity. Additionally, the device syncs up with a mobile app, where you can track your hand-energy-producing progress. You can even compete for prizes, if you happen to be an active user.

Charge Your Smartphone With the Power of Your Hand
Power Your Smartphone With the Power of Your Hand


The company argues, quite intelligently might we add, that the device is perfect for areas where there is limited access to an electrical grid—or no grid at all. For example, like the above image illustrates, if your car breaks down in the middle of the countryside, where there are zero streetlights, and your smartphone’s dead, boom, you now have a light source via your HandEnergy and iPhone light hookup.

The Kickstarter campaign is currently completely funded, with the goal of €50,000 (about $53,000) eclipsed by more than €21,000 (it appears to have been launched and marketed solely in the U.K. and Europe). The Indiegogo campaign, on the other hand, is geared toward an American market and is performing quite poorly (it’s funded just $820 out of its $50,000 goal at press time).

Finding a solution for our smartphone battery going dead? In our opinion, a tangible way of making America great. For more about HandEnergy or to help fund their cause, click here.

Still need a reason to donate? Watch Michael Vaga’s product pitch below.



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