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Teachers Can Use Facial Recognition to Spot Students Not Paying Attention

Online teachers may not have to worry about wandering minds any longer.

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ESG Business School in Paris has launched an artificial intelligence program called Nestor that aims to identify whether or not students are paying attention in class, Mashable reports.

“In the past decades, everybody thought taxi cabs would live forever. Uber destroyed the system to rebuild it. I wanted to do something similar in education, specifically for poor students and e-learning,” Marcel Saucet, founder of LCA Learning, the company which created Nestor, told the site.

The facial recognition program works by using 20 separate key landmarks on the user’s face — eyes, brows, lips, and jaw — and at the end of the video clip, students are asked to take a quiz that focuses on span of time in which they failed to pay attention.

But the new use of cutting-edge, facial recognition technology also raises questions about ethics and privacy concerns—including how the data will be used, and who it could be sold to.

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