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The Ultimate Gear for Football Season From Your Couch

Upgrade your man cave to a command center.

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If you want to tailgate, good luck with that. (Have you seen Buffalo fans in action?)

We prefer our sports viewing indoors, where the screens are large and multiple and the overall environment is very chill — much like the boozy beverage in our temperature-controlled mug.

But this isn’t some typical man-cave primer. This is a guide to the optimal at-home viewing experience, where the focus is on the game in front of you, the food and drink to your sides and the seat your butt is settled into for most of Saturday and Sunday (and occasional Mondays and Thursdays). Guests welcome, but not required.

Below, the 12 items for perfect weekend from now until January — or to watch the best football movie ever (RIP, Burt Reynolds).

Your Serving Dish: Shanik Cheese Board Set

football season
The tray comes with three ceramic bowls and a hidden draw to neatly store cheese-specific utensils.

A wooden cutting plate with three knives (hidden under a fold-out tray) and a trio of ceramic bowls. Put all snacks here, except …

Your Guacamole Bowl: Ego Auxiliatus

football season
This authentic Molcajete (mortar and pestle) is handmade from solidified lava.

Make your homemade guac in this volcanic beauty, which features a heavy pestle and textured grid surface to held you crush and grind (and like a cast iron, the molcajete will hold on to flavors over time).

Your Table: The Stadium Replica End Table

football season
Baseball season might be ending, but that doesn’t mean you should stop repping your team.

Yes, it’s still baseball season. Opt for an elegantly crafted statement piece that capably expresses your fandom and provides legitimate function thanks to a laminated top over an espresso wood frame (all backlit with LED illumination).

Your Couch: Tuscan Tufted Leather Sofa

football season
This is the couch that will make you retire that celebratory jump, no spills on this baby.

Leather = sporty and masculine. Foam cushioning = comfy. Dark brown = fewer visible stains. Comfortably seats two, but better for one (see below). Currently $650 off with free shipping.

Your Guest Chair: Coleman Oversized Quad Chair

football season
Yeah the couch is nice, but we’re here for the game, not the decor.

For your, uh, less cultured guests, you want something you can bring out and put away easily, but keeps everyone comfy (and keeps clean-up simple). These chairs, now on sale,  feature four-can cooler pouches, side pockets and mesh cup holders.

Your Speaker System: Sonos

football season
Watch parties get loud, but you can make the game even louder.

You can grab a worthwhile 50+ inch, 4K TV for about $400. That’s on you. But you’ll need to amp up the stadium sound on those slim screens — for that, try the compact (but sufficiently powerful) Sonos Beam soundbar. It’s Alexa-enabled and you can pair it with a couple of Sonos Ones to get a surround-sound, feels-like-you’re-there (but thankfully not, and much more comfortable) experience.

Your Charger: Jackyled Charging Station

football season
That’s uhh, that’s a lot of power.

“Hey, can I plug in my …” Yes, Tim. Ten outlets, four USB slots and a design that’ll keep charging cords for you and your power-hungry guests untangled. Bonus: Lightning proof!

Your Booze Holder: Yeti Customizable Ramblers

football season
Everyone already knows the brand, but does everyone know your team?

I speak from experience — 99% of my beverages (warm, cold, alcoholic or not) go into one of these stainless steel beauties, which keep drink temps constant … while keeping out any drink “sweat.” Plus, you can customize these tumblers, mugs, lowballs and colsters with your favorite college team.

Your Artwork: Whiskey Is Barely Enough

football season
Leave it to one of America’s greatest writers to articulate the heart of every man.

A poster crafted with a whiskey image and a large-fonted Mark Twain quote on a printed dictionary page. Not explicitly sporty, but certainly man-cave adjacent.

Your Beer Storage: Whirlpool 2.7 Mini Refrigerator

football season
An essential man cave item.

You need a beer fridge that looks decent, is sufficiently spacious for larger bottles (and/or the occasional growler) … and won’t break the bank (like currently 43% off). IF you want to double the price, you can grab a larger unit or one with a glass door.

Your Coffee Table Book: Guts & Glory: The Golden Age of American Football

football season
Neil Leifer picked images from over 10,000 rolls of film for this book on the the gridiron pastime.

Sports shutterbug Neil Leifer captures the NFL’s most notable moments back when the sport seemed, well, uplifting (from 1958’s “The Greatest Game Ever Played” through 1978).

Your Headphones: Sennheiser RS 135

football season
Because Tim is still talking about that charger, and the guac, AND the ref.

For those times when other people are rudely using the viewing room and you need a a quick, unobtrusive sports fix, hook up a pair of these wireless, over-ear headphones to your TV. Personal note: These have saved at least one InsideHook staffer’s relationship.

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