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Three Issues Roger Goodell Needs to Resolve as NFL Commissioner

If Goodell gets a contract extention, he will remain commissioner until 2024.

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Roger Goodell is facing a lot of criticism both inside and outside the National Football League. But when he walked into a room with about 200 CEOs and senior executive types last Wednesday, the NFL commissioner drew polite applause, writes Sports Illustrated.

He was there for Bloomberg’s The Year Ahead Summit. Sports Illustrated writes that his attendance makes sense, since the NFL is facing hardship right now, with TV viewership down and league-wide protests that have drawn attention from all walks all life, including the President of the United States. Goodell was there to prove that his brand is still strong, and that pro football is still offering “the greatest content,” reports Sports Illustrated. 

Bloomberg’s David Westin asked Goodell about his future as commissioner towards the end of the 20-minute question and answer session, by questioning, “What is it that you feel you need to accomplish before you leave?”

Goodell said that he’s “studied this for a long time having been in the NFL for 36 years, and I watch other sports.” He continued, saying, “I think there’s always a risk that people stay too long, and I don’t want to be in that category,” reports Sports Illustrated. 

Some people would say that Goodell has already stayed too long, as shown by Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones trying to block Goodell’s extension contract. But despite Jones’ threats of litigation against other owners if Goodell’s contract is finalized as proposed, it looks likely that Goodell will remain commissioner until 2024. At the conference, he addressed the three challenges he wants to tackle before moving on: Negotiating deals with new media; Extending the current labor deal; and Setting up a succession plan, writes Sports Illustrated. 

The NFL’s current broadcast deals with the four major TV partners it has are up for renewal in 2021-22 and then the current collective bargaining agreement expires after the 2020 season. There is no plan for who will take over from Goodell. An extension until 2024 gives enough time for him, and the owners, to fully address these three issues, which is probably why is was drawn up that way, according to Sports Illustrated. 

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