Canadian Formula One Grand Prix, race day; Model and activist Winnie Harlow, friend of Lewis Hamilton and VIP for the race (photo by Octane/Action Plus via Getty Images)

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Supermodel’s Checkered Flag Gaffe Ends Grand Prix Race Two Laps Early

Winnie Harlow’s mistake finished the Canadian Grand Prix ahead of schedule.

Formula One drivers probably won’t be revving their engines to invite Canadian supermodel Winnie Harlow back to the track anytime soon.

During what should have been the penultimate lap of the Canadian Grand Prix, Harlow waved the checkered flag, resulting in the race officially finishing two laps ahead of schedule.

Her error, which she blamed on a miscommunication between race officials, did not change the result as race leader Sebastian Vettel was ahead and stayed in the lead following the gaffe.

While a little funny, the four-time world champion was concerned about the safety ramifications of Harlow’s mistake.

“I was worried,” Vettel said. “I told them on the last lap so that people don’t jump on the track, waving flags and celebrating, because we’re still going at full pace. I don’t know what happened.”

Had Vettel been passed on the 69th or 70th lap, it would not have counted in the final results.

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