PUPUKEA, HI - DECEMBER 16: Kelly Slater competes during Billabong Pipe Masters on December 16, 2018 in Pupukea, Hawaii. (Photo by Koji Hirano/Getty Images)

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See Surf Legend Kelly Slater Pull Off Mid-Wave Save After Slip Off Board

Slater’s move was so gnarly it has already been dubbed the “Houdini tube ride.”

It’s hard to define, but you know a Houdini tube ride when you see one.

That’s the consensus in the surfing community for the name to bestow on the never-before-seen move surf legend Kelly Slater pulled off at the Billabong Pipe Masters this weekend.

While matched up against Brazilian surfer Filipe Toledo, the 46-year-old surfing legend was able to get back on his board and finish his ride through the barrel of a wave standing up after nearly tumbling off into the drink. 

Here’s how Surfer Today summed up Slater’s ride (which earned him 3.07 points form World Surf League judges:

“The 11-time world surfing champion sat underneath the ledge for a super late drop, went through the early barreling section, fell off, grabbed his board mid-flight, pulled it back underneath him, bodyboarded the wave for a second, got back up onto the surfboard and stood back up inside the barrel.”

Not too shabby for a guy pushing 50 who is surfing in his penultimate season as a pro.

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