American sportscaster Bob Costas is leaving NBC after four decades working for the network. (Photo by Andrew Toth/Getty Images for New York Magazine)

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Report: Bob Costas and NBC Discussing Split After Nearly Four Decades

NBC and the longtime sports personality are discussing his exit from the network.

After more than four years with the network, Bob Costas could be leaving NBC.

Costas, who didn’t work the 2018 Winter Olympics and also sat out the Super Bowl (possibly due to his feelings about concussions and CTE), has long been the face of NBC’s most high-profile sports coverage.

But, as reported by Andrew Marchand of the New York Post, Costas is in negotiations with NBC to end his relationship with the network.

Signed to a multi-million dollar deal through 2021, the negotiations would end the 66-year-old’s role as a sparingly used “host emeritus” at NBC and free him up to take on more work.

When reached for comment, Costas would neither confirm nor deny the report but did say it could be time for a change and that he wants to pursue a critical sports journalism TV show.

“Sometimes you get to a point where it is not a fit anymore,” Costas said. “It doesn’t mean that anyone is angry or upset.”

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