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Renowned Swedish Mountain Climber Ueli Steck Dies Near Mt. Everest

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Famed Mountain Climber Ueli Steck Dead at 40
World-class alpine climber, Ueli Steck scaling the Gilat route of Droite Mountain in the French Alps. (Jonathan Griffith/Barcroft Med/Getty Images)


The mountaineering world has lost one of its greatest climbers in 40-year-old Ueli Steck. Per the New York Times, the climber was killed during at accident at a camp about a mile away from Mount Everest.

Steck, nicknamed “The Swedish Machine” because of his otherworldly speed-climbing abilities, was attempting to scale the 25,791-foot Nuptse peak, prior to tackling Everest itself.

Per Steck’s website, what exactly killed the climber is still unknown, but his “family is infinitely sad.”

In a video Steck posted to YouTube just last month, he discusses at length what he was planning on accomplishing, a never-before-done “linkup” of climbs, which included tackling a route that hadn’t been attempted since 1963. Watch Steck in his own words below.