A Carolina Panthers helmet on the field prior to the National Football League game between the New York Jets and the Carolina Panthers on November 26, 2017, at MetLife Stadium in East Rutherford, NJ. (Photo by Rich Graessle/Icon Sportswire via Getty Images)

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Record $2.3 Billion Price for Carolina Panthers Might End Up a Steal

Value of pro franchises could double after Supreme Court legalized sports betting nationwide.

After a Supreme Court ruling kicked open the door for nationwide sports betting, Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban theorized the value of every franchise in the four major sport U.S. sports was likely to double.

If he’s right, the record-setting $2.275 billion price David Tepper agreed to pay for the Carolina Panthers might actually turn out to be a good deal.

If sports gambling can generate the kind of revenue that Cuban predicts, the value of Tepper’s new franchise could approach that of the Dallas Cowboys, which has the highest estimated franchise value of $4 billion.

Should that happen, Tepper could then sell equity in the team to another part-owner and recoup part, it not all, of his investment while still maintaining a controlling interest in the franchise.

In effect, there’s a possibility Tepper will eventually wind up with an NFL franchise for free.

Doesn’t make paying $2.275 billion so bad after all.

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