Ryan Mathews #24 of the Philadelphia Eagles runs the ball against LaRoy Reynolds #53 of the Atlanta Falcons. (Mitchell Leff/Getty Images)

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Ranking the Most and Least Entertaining Potential Super Bowl Matchups

There are 16 possible ways this could go.

The Divisional Round of the 2018 NFL playoffs kicks off this weekend and that makes Super Bowl 52 only three weeks away. There are eight teams left, all trying to win that trophy. The candidates range from the usual suspects, like the Patriots, Steelers and Falcons, as well as some surprises, like the Jaguars or the Titans. Since there are 16 possible ways this Super Bowl can go, SB Nation decided to rank which matchups would be the most and least exciting to watch. The underwhelming games — because they would just be quarterback battles — include the Titans vs. Eagles or the Jaguars vs. Eagles. The Titans vs. the Saints would be a dynamic matchup, as would the Titans vs. Falcons. An in-state rivalry between the Eagles and the Steelers would definitely be interesting, and a Vikings home game — which would be the first time in NFL history a team has played the Super Bowl at home — would make for a special atmosphere no matter who they play.

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