(Original Caption) Mickey Mantle, left, star center fielder of the New York Yankees and pitcher Don Larsen, also of the Yankees, are shown holding their awards they received before the opening day game at the Yankee Stadium today. Mickey is holding the Most Valuable Player award he won last year when he captured the Triple Crown of Baseball. Larsen displays his Babe Ruth award he received for his outstanding achievement in the World Series for pitching a perfect game against the Dodgers.

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New Jersey Brothers Find Extremely Valuable Mickey Mantle Cards in Forgotten Collection

The best of the ‘52 Mantles was valued at $1 million.

Two New Jersey brothers are really, really, glad their mother never threw away the baseball cards they had stashed in the attic.

The brothers, who asked only to be identified as John and Ed, came across an ad in the paper offering a 1952 Mickey Mantle card for sale that had an estimated value of $3.5 million.

After doing a little thinking, John decided he would take a look through the collection of cards he shared with his brother — a collection they began assembling as kids in 1951. After a little digging, John discovered their collection includes five Mantle Topps cards from 1952.

While none are in as good condition as the $3.5 million card, the brothers do have a ‘52 Mantle that has been valued at $1 million by Heritage Auctions.

“We always knew we had the cards, but they were just in the attic,” John, 76, told The Associated Press. “We were fortunate our mother stayed and lived in the house until she was almost 102. Most people would have moved at some point, and in the move things like baseball cards and old school books would get thrown away. Ours just stayed there for 50 years.”

If you’d like to bid on one of the former attic dwellers, head over to Heritage’s website.

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