DALLAS, TEXAS - FEBRUARY 26: Team owner Mark Cuban looks on during a press conference to introduce Cynthia Marshall as the new Dallas Mavericks Interim CEO at American Airlines Center on February 26, 2018 in Dallas, Texas. (Photo by Omar Vega/Getty Images)

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Mavericks Give Former Professional Sports Gambler Front Office Job

Bob Voulgaris has been hired as the director of quantitative research and development in Dallas.

The house always wins … and maybe now so will the Mavericks.

In further evidence that the sports community is embracing the gambling community – especially now that nationwide sports wagering has been legalized – the Dallas Mavericks have given a former professional sports gambler a position in their front office.

Bob Voulgaris, who earned his living by analyzing the NBA and placing bets based on his research and information, is now the director of quantitative research and development in Dallas.

Known for his in-depth analysis of coaching strategy and referee tendencies, Voulgaris would often share his data on Twitter and gained a following.

For the Mavericks, Voulgaris will “examine on-court strategy in big-picture ways,” according to ESPN.

The Worldwide Leader also described him thusly in a 2013 profile: “A specialist in the NBA, his sports gambling success was almost completely the result of a kind of studied perspicacity, born of a talent for pattern recognition and the stamina to watch uncountable hours of televised basketball. In betting parlance, the man could suss out an edge — and in 2002, he discovered one that would line his pockets for years.”

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