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LeBron James Losing in More Than One Way During NBA Finals

Golden State Warriors' domination is damaging Cavs great's aura of invincibility.

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When the history of this year’s NBA Finals is written, LeBron James, the most dominant player of this generation, will probably be rendered as a footnote.

That’s despite the Cleveland Cavaliers great having notched his eighth career NBA Finals triple-double in Sunday night’s Game 2 against the juggernaut Golden State Warriors—joining a club that includes Magic Johnson as the only other member. But history is written by the victors.

“The Warriors have made LeBron James, himself a man of unreasonable limits, out to be somehow inadequate,” writes Sports Illustrated‘s Rob Mahoney.

“Only in this series could 29 points, 14 assists, and 11 rebounds be so painfully lacking.”

This Warriors team is just too good; maybe the greatest NBA squad ever assembled, led by Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry. It’s a team that would just as easily dismantle Michael Jordon in his prime, if he were in James’ Nikes.

“James has played Herculean basketball in a losing effort before, but never on a team quite this stacked that was still so bewilderingly outclassed,” as SI summed up.

And in the process, by robbing King James of his throne, the Warriors are also chipping away at his aura of dominance on the floor.

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