Cornerback Josh Norman #24 of the Washington Redskins reacts after a play in the fourth quarter against the Arizona Cardinals. (Photo by Patrick Smith/Getty Images)

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Josh Norman on Trump: Who Gives a F-ck … He’ll Be Out of Office in Two Years

The outspoken Redskins cornerback said the NFL will withstand the president’s criticism.

Just because he plays near 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue doesn’t mean Josh Norman supports the man who lives there.

The Washington Redskins cornerback – who has torn into President Donald Trump in the past – sounded off on the Commander in Chief for his near-constant criticism of the NFL on Twitter during a new interview with The Ringer.

Trump, who has blasted the NFL’s ongoing anthem protest issues and claimed they have hurt the league’s viewership and bottom line, isn’t worth worrying about, according to Norman.

“This guy is going to out of office in two years,” he said. “I think we’ll be OK. Trust me: The accounts will be fine. I wouldn’t put emphasis on it. So what if it’s a down year? Who gives a f-ck? Next year you’ll be great. It’s not going to catastrophically disappear because one guy said something.”

Even though the league’s ratings were down 9.7 percent during the 2017 regular season compared to 2016, the NFL reportedly took in more than $8 billion in revenue, an increase of 4.9 percent from 2016.

What Norman said regarding the NFL’s future in the wake of Trump’s criticism reflects that.

“You continue to do what you do, because guess what. You have a product, and that product is f-cking banking,” he said. “It’s the no. 2 product in the world outside of soccer—you cannot beat it. Those checks will keep coming regardless of what you do.”

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