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Google Street View Films First-Ever 360-Degree ‘Skydiving’ Video

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The world's first skydive shot for Google Street View (Google)
The world’s first skydive shot for Google Street View (Google)


Google Street View is ditching the road and taking to the skies, giving people a chance to see what it’s like to fall through the air from the comfort of their couch.

Users of Google’s platform, which provides panoramic “street views” around the world, can now “skydive” over New Zealand. Alex Mather, a photographer that works with Google Street View, partnered with a skydiving company to create the first sequence of panoramic still images on the platform that show what it’s like to fall from a plane thousands of feet in the air (see below).


Over five days in December last year, Mather worked with the Motueka-based company Skydive Abel Tasman to create an immersive experience in two parts. First, Mather photographed a series of static panoramas for Google Street View that chronicle a typical skydiving experience—from checking in at the front desk, to walking out to the plane and the heart-pounding descent in 2,000-foot increments. To simulate free falling at 124 mph, the photographer also filmed a 360-degree video (see below) with the skydiving company, resulting in a truly riveting experience (it’s best viewed on your desktop or with VR goggles).


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