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U.S. Open Favorite Dustin Johnson and His Dunking Caddie Brother

How defending U.S. Open champ and his caddie brother took over golf with their bizarre athleticism.

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Defending U.S. Open champ and world number one golfer Dustin Johnson has some seriously athletic family members—including significant other Paulina Gretzky’s dad, Wayne.

But the real star of the family may be the golfer’s younger brother/caddie Austin.

The Johnson brothers have forged a remarkable partnership that’s seen Dustin establish himself as easily the world’s top ranked player (despite missing the Masters after a freak fall) and Austin named caddie of the year.

For all their success on the greens, they may be even fiercer on the court. Dustin is 6’4″ and Austin 6’3″. Dustin is renowned on the PGA Tour for being able to dunk a basketball, and beating former NBA player Shane Battier in a three-point contest.

Austin is also a dunker and a freakishly good shooter (like, Steph Curry levels): In college, he had a season where he went 56.4% on three-pointers and 92.3% on free throws.

Golf Magazine has taken a close look at their relationship/sibling rivalry that’s bringing to golf a level of athleticism Bobby Jones never imagined.

In the end, it’s the brothers’ closeness off the green that gives both of them their level of success.

“You travel with your caddie, eat with your caddie, spend all day with your caddie,” Dustin told Golf. “It needs to be someone you like, someone you trust. I’m never gonna have with anyone else what I have with him.”

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