ESPN TV Personality Bill Simmons Coach of the West Team reacts to a play against the East Team during the Sprint NBA All-Star Celebrity Game 2014 at Sprint Arena during the 2014 NBA All-Star Jam Session at the Ernest N. Morial Convention Center on February 14, 2014 in New Orleans, Louisiana. (Photo by Joe Murphy/NBAE via Getty Images)

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Bill Simmons: “I’ll Eat Testicles” if the Raiders Make the Playoffs

Simmons did clarify that they could be Rocky Mountain oysters.

If Bill Simmons is wrong with a new take, he’s going to have to put a testicle where his mouth is.

On an episode of his Guess the Lines podcast, the former ESPN writer and current HBO producer said he would eat something he never has before if the Oakland Raiders are able to make the NFL playoffs this season.

Or, to be more accurate, a pair of somethings.

“If the Raiders make the playoffs, what’s the most disgusting thing I could eat,” Simmons said. “You know what, I’ve always swore that I’ll never eat testicles. Those, like, the brains, you know, like cow testicles are a delicacy. I’ll eat testicles on the podcast. And they can be human testicles, cow testicles, I’ll eat some, a pair of testicles on this podcast if the Raiders make the playoffs. It will never happen.”

While it’s not a terrible bet considering the Raiders just traded the best defensive player in the game and are headed by a coach who hasn’t been on the sidelines since the early 2000s, Simmons may want to think twice.

Based on an analysis by Football Outsiders, the Raiders have the 24th-easiest schedule in the NFL and, therefore, a decent shot at making the postseason.

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