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Rare, Behind the Scenes Audio of a Manager-Umpire Screaming Match

Viral clip of a—very NSFW—on-field tirade offers a revealing look at baseball’s unwritten rules.

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Last night, New York manager Mickey Callaway was ejected for the first time in his managerial career in the top of the sixth inning during the Mets’ 8-2 loss to the Braves at SunTrust Park.

However, that was not the most interesting story involving the ejection of a Mets manager that made it onto the internet last night.

Somehow, video—with unedited, very NSFW audio—emerged of ex-Met manager Terry Collins getting tossed from a Dodgers-Mets game in May 2016 after Noah Syndergaard threw a fastball behind Chase Utley. The pitch, which was likely retaliation for Utley breaking the leg of Mets infielder Ruben Tejada the year before in the NL playoffs, was enough to get Syndergaard ejected with no warning.

In the video, head umpire Tom Hallion deals with Syndergaard first and then has to quickly turn his attention to an incensed Collins when the Mets manager rushes out onto the field like a charging bull.

Here’s the blistering back-and-forth:

What’s most notable about the video, besides the ump’s repeated use of the phrase “our ass is in a jackpot,” is how both parties are, to a certain extent, acting out their respective roles and going through the motions.

Even when he’s run out of things to say other than expletives, Collins has to keep going at Hallion and the umpire keeps absorbing it. “You got everything out?” Hallion finally asks.

Regardless, it’s a great look inside baseball and one MLB would be wise to provide more of.