An image of the chapter on picking up women from the manual distributed by the AFA. (via Nacho Catullo/ @nachocatullo on Twitter)

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Argentina Soccer Group Distributes Manual for Picking Up Russian Women at World Cup

The manual had a chapter entitled “What to do to have an opportunity with a Russian woman.”

Chances are, if international soccer star Lionel Messi wants to hook up at the World Cup in Russia this summer, he won’t have a problem.

To make sure the rest of Messi’s Argentina teammates have the same ease, the Argentina Football Association apparently distributed a manual that included a chapter entitled “What to do to have an opportunity with a Russian woman.”

The manual was handed out during a course at the AFA’s headquarters that was attended by executives, players, coaches and journalists who will travel with the team to the World Cup.

“Russian ladies like men who take initiative,” read one entry in the “Russian Language and Culture” manual. “If you don’t have confidence in yourself then you need to practice speaking with many women.”

Another read: “Do not try to impress the girl in the wrong way. Maybe you try to impress her by talking about the money you have, that you know everything, that you are perfect and the others are poor stupid people.”

After the manual was handed out, an official from the AFA realized the chapter didn’t paint the organization in the best light and tried to collect all copies of the questionable chapter. However, at least one journalist was able to keep his copy and shared it on social media.

Following the leak, executive Alejandro Taraborrelli said the AFA would be investigating the matter.

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