LONDON, ENGLAND - NOVEMBER 19:  MLB Legend Alex Rodriguez is seen promoting the Mitel & MLB Present London Series on Monday, November 19, 2018 in London England. (Photo by Thomas Lovelock/MLB Photos via Getty Images)

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Alex Rodriguez Teaming Up With Barstool Sports on New Podcast

The podcast will cover the business successes and failures of its sports-related guests.

A pair of polarizing sports entities is teaming up on a new project.

For a new  podcast about the intersection of business and sports, controversial ex-MLBer Alex Rodriguez will be working with controversial media company Barstool Sports.

An odd match, A-Rod will host the podcast with Dan Katz, better known as “Big Cat,” co-host of Barstool’s flagship sports podcast Pardon My Take.

Launching Thursday, The Corp will feature guests including Kobe Bryant, Barbara Corcoran, and Mike Francesa and will cover their sports-related business successes and failures.

Similar to Netflix, all seven of the show’s episodes will drop at once.

“All of our guests had one thing in common: they all had miserable falls,” Rodriguez said. “And they all had the ability to get back up, dust off, and redefine themselves. That jumped off the page to me, and how much they own their failures. And I speak a lot about my situation and my comeback.

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