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A Pro Poker Player Is Staying in a Dark Bathroom for 30 Days on a $100K Bet

Rich Alati is already locked in a bathroom at an undisclosed location in Las Vegas.

To win $100,000, pro poker player Rich Alati doesn’t have to go all-in, he just can’t come out of a dark bathroom for 30 days.

Alati made the $100k bet with Australian pro Rory Young after the two were talking at a table about how long it was possible to remain in a dark room with no human interaction.

Surprisingly, Alati stated that he could stay in the dark room – with facilities and food – for 30 days. Young then bet him $100k that he couldn’t.

On November 21, Alati entered the room in an “undisclosed location somewhere in Las Vegas” on November 21 and he is still inside, according to PocketFives.

In the room, Alati has a toilet, shower, refrigerator, and a bed as well as supplies like sliced fruit, almond milk, cereal, and Pop Tarts. He is also getting meals delivered to him, but not on a regular basis so his sense of time is altered.

“The conditions are complete darkness, so no electronics, no light-emitting devices, no drugs of any kind,” said Young. “He is allowed any type of food that he wants. He has a bed in there, he has a shower and a bathtub. He has pretty lavish toiletries like Epsom salts, sugar scrubs, that kind of stuff.”

On a private feed which is accessible to Alati’s family, friends, and a few others, a broadcast of the room which is being captured by five night-vision cameras is streaming the entire bet.

Young and Alati are hopeful to turn it into a reality show if there is enough interest.

“I’m a firm believer in that there are two consenting adults and if it doesn’t do any harm to a third party, then it’s morally justifiable,” said Young. “I don’t have any hangups about the ethical side of this. I think it’s different if it was a freeroll. I think I can have some ethical concerns there. I have a bit of concern for his eyesight, but we’re taking all of the necessary conditions.”

According to Young, another pro player has already contacted him about doing a similar version of the challenge, but stricter, for $1 million.

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