The first ad promoting the historic match. (Tiger Woods/Twitter)

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$9 Million Winner-Take-All Match Between Tiger and Phil Set for Black Friday

The long-anticipated match will be November 23 at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas.

If you’re a golf fan, make sure you have plenty of Thanksgiving leftovers because you aren’t going to want to leave your couch on Black Friday, sales be damned.

Announced on Twitter, the long-anticipated one-on-one match between Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will take place on November 23 at Shadow Creek Golf Course in Las Vegas.

The winner will take home $9 million and the loser will walk away with nothing. Naturally, given the stakes, the rivals engaged in a little friendly trash-talking after the match was announced.

Speaking about the match, which was originally set to be for $10 million but was negotiated down by the PGA, Mickelson said the idea is to give golf fans an experience they haven’t had before.

“With only two guys, we should have a total different experience with fans, because we will have smaller galleries that won’t necessarily have ropes that can walk inside the fairway and up near the greens,” Mickelson said. “We’ll have mics on both us and our caddies and you’ll be able to hear all of the banter as well as commentating that will be more interactive. The idea is not just to have this great match but to have this interactive experience so fans can see something that they’ve never seen in televised golf before.”

The Westgate Superbook in Las Vegas has installed 42-year-old Woods at minus-180 to win the event outright and 48-year-old Mickelson at plus-150.

A pay-per-view telecast of the event will be produced by Turner Sports and be made available across a variety of formats though pricing for the broadcast has yet to be announced.

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