USA - APRIL 26: Rick Ankiel of the St. Louis Cardinals pitches during a game against the Montreal Expos on April 26, 2001. (Photo by Sporting News via Getty Images)

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Rick Ankiel “Toying With” Return to Pro Pitching After Conquering the Yips

Ankiel saw his MLB career unravel in 2000 while pitching for the Cardinals in the playoffs.

In 2000, 20-year-old Rick Ankiel pitched a full season in the majors and posted an 11–7 record with a 3.50 ERA and 194 strikeouts across his 30 starts.

Then, the playoffs came and like that, within an inning, it was gone. The yips had arrived.


Following that outing in Game One of the National League Division Series against the Braves, Ankiel was never really able to regain control on the mound and eventually became an outfielder.

He wasn’t great in the field, but Ankiel was good enough to play in the majors as a position player from 2007-2013 which is pretty amazing considering his meltdown as a pitcher came in 2000.

Now, 18 years after the NLDS,  Ankiel is “toying with” a return to the mound, according to Tim Brown of Yahoo Sports.

Brown writes: “Perhaps, he said, if his body allows and a team is willing to take a chance, he will give it one more run, next spring, as a relief pitcher.”

Ankiel got the notion about possibly pitching again after striking out the only batter he faced in an exhibition game in Louisville earlier this week.

Best of luck. 

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