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Yellow Taxis Are Safer than Darker Cabs, New Study Finds

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Are yellow cabs safer? One study says yes. (vikwaters/Flickr)
Are yellow cabs safer? One study says yes. (vikwaters/Flickr)


Scientists are claiming the color of a cab may save the lives of its passengers. New research suggests yellow taxis are less likely to get into accidents than dark-colored ones, Science Magazine reports.

After exploring the connection between accident rates and cab color, scientists from the National University of Singapore found that passengers riding in yellow taxis were nine percent less likely to be in an accident than those riding in darker-color cabs. It is the first study to identify color as a factor in causing car crashes, according to Science Magazine.

Over 36 months, researchers collected data from taxis, drivers, and accidents from two sets of taxis—4,175 yellow ones and 12,525 blue ones—in Singapore for the study. They concluded yellow cabs were safer because they’re more visible, especially at night.

Professor Ho Teck Hua, the study’s lead researcher, says the findings suggest cities should consider color when designing new public transportation. “A commercial decision to change all taxis to yellow may save lives and potentially reduce economic losses by millions of dollars,” according to the study, published in the scientific journal Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences.