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Video Gives Perspective of 3D Size of Everything from Planets to Subatomic Particles

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(Reigraw Comparisons)
(Reigraw Comparisons)


The folks behind the informative YouTube channel Reigarw Comparisons made a mind-blowing 3D video that compares the size of just about every object in the universe.

Starting with the fabric of space and time itself, the three-dimensional video zooms out to sub-atomic particles and continues to compare increasingly larger objects. It’s a rare chance to be able to juxtapose the scale of bacteria (seen 2:18), dinosaurs (seen at 3:44), Mount Everest (seen at 4:41), and galaxies (seen at 7:24).

At the very least, it’s a crash course in science under ten minutes.

Depending on your philosophical worldview, a reminder of mankind’s place in the universe can either be a health reality-check or a nihilistic sucker punch. The video’s narrator seems to straddle the line between the two, and often veers into “stoner tangent territory,” as Gizmodo reports.

So it’s up to the viewer if they want to leave the audio on as they contemplate their place in the universe by watching the video below: