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Elon Musk’s Neuralink Developing Cloud-Based AI for Humans and Telepathic Communication

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(Martin420/Wikimedia Commons)
(Martin420/Wikimedia Commons)

We know what you’re thinking: Mental telepathy may soon be possible.

New details regarding Elon Musk’s plan for Neuralink have emerged after the venture’s launch was reported last month. Musk envisions his company creating a device for telepathic communication between humans and cloud-based artificial intelligence in the brain.

Last month, Musk started Neuralink to build a brain-embedded chip for humans to seamlessly communicate with computers. However, an in-depth report from Wait but Why revealed his plan to radically transform interaction between humans.

The neural lace Musk envisions would improve human interaction with each other and machines by essentially enabling telepathic communication. It’s not just the stuff of sci-fi: The “uncompressed” language, he explains, is a more efficient alternative than having to “compress” thoughts by converting them into words for the other person to “decompress” into thoughts again—i.e. talking.

Musk’s goal with his neural implant is to prevent mankind from being outpaced by artificial intelligence. This involves powering the brain-computer chip with cloud-based AI, effectively creating a level playing field between computers and humans, according to TechCrunch.

The short-term vision for Neuralink, involving a brain implant device for medical purposes within four years, would generate the research and funding needed for his long-term vision.