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A Guide to Meditation for the Distracted Individual

Science By
(Patrick Meier/Contributor)


For those of you who wake up every morning to lift weights or go for a run, it’s as much about the routine as it is the outcome; being athletic makes you feel better and in turn, makes you sharper at work. In his book 10% Happier, ABC News’ Dan Harris likens meditation to athletics. Writes Joe Levy in Men’s Journal, “You should think of meditation as exercise, not magic or religion. Strip away the spiritual mumbo jumbo—the bells, the incense, your aunt int he oversize purple sweatshirt who’s always telling you that your chakras are blocked—and meditation is just training for your mind instead of your quads.” Levy goes on to map out what it takes to meditate in this day and age—one in which distractions are everywhere and quiet time comes at a premium. Read his entire piece on meditation for the distracted person, here.