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Even Doctors Can’t Afford to Live in San Francisco Nowadays Because of Real Estate Prices

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Even Doctors Are Getting Priced Out of San Francisco Now
The Painted Ladies, Victorian-style houses with Downtown in the background, Alamo Square, San Francisco, California (DeAgostini/Getty Images)


Talk about a tough real estate market. According to a new study from Trulia, even doctors are getting priced out of San Francisco.

Citing the most recent median income data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the study investigated the incomes of teachers, first responders, restaurant workers, and doctors, to show just how unaffordable the housing market has become in a variety of cities and regions.

Restaurant workers were served up the harshest reality checks, as reported wages were close to $20,000/year, causing them to be priced out of more than 90 percent of the real estate in 56 of 93 major metro areas.

But the biggest shocker was doctors, whose annual income was the highest of the group studied. They were able to afford only 50 percent of the homes in most areas except for San Francisco, where that figure drops to 41.57 percent.

Read the full report on affordable housing at Trulia.

For more on what all those doctors are missing out on, watch the video below.