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For $4 Million, You Could Own This Oregon Logging Town

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Town in Colorado for Sale
In this April 5, 2017 photo, the Tiller Market stands abandoned in downtown Tiller, Ore. Tiller, a dot on a map in remote southwestern Oregon, is for sale for $3.5 million, including the market, and the elementary school is for sale separately for $350,000.  (Gillian Flaccus/AP)


There is just about anything up for sale in the real estate market, but how often can one purchase an entire town? For the right price, an investor could potentially own most of the logging town of Tiller, Oregon.

For the $3.5 million asking price, the buyer gets six houses, a shuttered general store and gas station, the land under the post office, water rights, and most of the town’s infrastructure including the power station.

Town in Colorado for Sale
In this April 5, 2017 image made from video, a gas pump stands abandoned, the price frozen in time, in downtown Tiller, Ore. (Gillian Flaccus/AP)


Once a prosperous logging outpost, Tiller borders the Umpqua National Forest and went into decline following changes to the lumber industry. One of Tiller’s remaining residents bought up most of the town’s property; it’s his estate that’s effectively selling the town.

There is a group of potential buyers already, and they plan on turning Tiller into a campus/permaculture development without displacing the 237 people who live in the town’s outskirts.

Tiller Elementary School is also up for sale, but separately from the rest of this lot.

Town in Colorado for Sale
In this April 5, 2017 photo, the abandoned Tiller Elementary School is seen through a field of weeds. (Gillian Flaccus/AP)