CBS Snuffs Out Proposed Super Bowl Ad for Medical Marijuana

The proposed commercial from pot investment firm Acreage Holdings did not get the green light from C...

Prehistoric Shark Discovered Alongside Sue the T. Rex

The ancient killing machine’s tiny, triangular teeth inspired its name.

Cristiano Ronaldo Scores Tax Fine of Nearly $21.6 Million for Fraud

The Juventus forward will avoid serving a 23-month prison sentence.

Actual Science Behind the “Keto Diet” to End a Celebrity Feud

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Tony Romo Confirms He’s Received Contract Offers From NFL Clubs

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Greenland Ice Melt Reaching “Tipping Point”

Some scientists believe the damage is already irreversible.

NFL to Review Pass-Interference Penalties Following NFC Championship Game Disaster

The league is going to discuss making PI penalties reviewable this offseason.

Plummeting Temperatures Freeze the Usually Rushing Waters of Niagara Falls

It’s so cold that parts of the majestic natural wonder are frozen solid.

No One Outside of LA and New England Wants to See This Super Bowl

Contentious calls in the championship games have left a bad taste in the mouths of many fans.

Guilty! AI Is Found to Perpetuate Biases in Jailing

MIT Technology Review looks at how technology is in the dark ages when it comes to criminal justice.

Alyssa Milano Calls Red MAGA Hats, ‘The New White Hood’

Actress and #MeToo advocate compares Trump supporters to KKK.

Patriots-Rams Super Bowl Is Rematch of One That Started Brady Legend

Teams first clashed for 2002 title — the first of New England QB’s nine Super Bowl appearanc...