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Michael Caine Reveals He Voted for Brexit

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(George Pimentel/Getty)
Actor Michael Caine (George Pimentel/Getty)

Sir Michael Caine says he supports Brexit, despite the movement’s lack of prestige internationally.

While promoting his latest film, Going in Style, which he stars in alongside Morgan Freeman and Alan Arkin, the actor told Sky News that he thought his fellow countrymen and women would be “all right” after Britain’s exit from the European Union.

“I voted for Brexit. What it is with me, I’d rather be a poor master than a rich servant,” he reportedly said. “It wasn’t about the racism, immigrants or anything, it was about freedom.”

“Politics is always chaotic,” he went on. “In politics, you’re always going into areas you’ve never been before, so you’re going to get lost and then you’re going to find your way, and then it’ll be all right.”

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