CANADA - FEBRUARY 21: Playing the numbers game is no joke; A penitentiary inmate somewhere played a game while making license plates and at Sudbury; Pauline Robinson found this CO-KANE plate among the others. It will be returned to the Ministry of Communications and Transportation. The ministry complains that 37 per cent of Ontario owners still haven't got their new plates. One who did today found he'd got plates exclaiming aha at unlucky 13. (Photo by Jeff Goode/Toronto Star via Getty Images)

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Canadian Man With Last Name “Assman” Has Vanity License Plate Denied

Saskatchewan Government Insurance calls the name an “unacceptable slogan.”

Getting his last name on a license plate has been a real pain in the butt for Dave Assman.

A Canadian from Saskatchewan, Assman has been having a problem getting his last name on a vanity license plate thanks to Saskatchewan Government Insurance.

Although his last name is pronounced “Oss-men,” SGI has rejected putting on a plate nevertheless because it is an “unacceptable slogan” that could be misread and cause offense.

“It’s my last name, I’ve always had it,” he told CBC. “I’m not ashamed of it. There’s nothing bad about it.”

In the past, SGI has rejected plate requests including BEOTCH, BONER, DCHBAG, FARTS, HOOTCH, IMHIGH, PLYBOY, RDNECK, SEXBUS, WANKR, WHANG, and WTFLOL

SGI spokesperson Tyler McMurchy said the agency won’t approve license plates the public may find “offensive, suggestive or not in good taste.”

“Even if a word is someone’s name and pronounced differently than the offensive version, that’s not something that would be apparent to other motorists who will see the plate,” he said.

Whatever happens, it’s good to know there’s a real-life Assman – and he’s not just Cosmo Kramer posing as a proctologist.

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