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Bob Woodward Scolds New York Times and Mainstream Media: Be Fair

Famed Watergate reporter has choice words for journalists in the mainstream media.

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Legendary Washington Post reporter Bob Woodward criticized the media’s open bias toward President Trump this week following a Tuesday screening of “All The President’s Men” in Washington, D.C., the Daily Caller reports.

Famed for breaking the Nixon/Watergate scandal, Woodward pointed to a compilation list of the president’s “lies” published by the Times in the opinion section this week, and chided the organization.

“[Number three on the list] was that Trump said he was on the cover of Time magazine 14 or 15 times when it was in fact 11 times,” Woodward said. “… That’s not a lie.” Instead, Woodward reportedly compared Trump’s statement to someone being pulled over for speeding, and telling the cop that they were driving within the speed limit.

“Tone matters, and headlines matter, and you want people to [trust you],” Woodward reportedly said.

“[It] really betrays the anti-Trump media bias,” Woodward added, referencing coverage of Russian meddling in the 2016 election.“I think a kind of brief, deeply fair-mindedness is essential, but as essential or maybe more essential is a game plan for reporting this and going to Moscow and finding the bookkeeper.”

The bookkeeper line is a reference to a key source for Woodward and Carl Bernstein in their coverage of Watergate.

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