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Injured Shark Swims to Diver for Help in Encounter Caught on Camera

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(Chris Maddeford)
(Chris Maddeford)

A group of SCUBA divers in Florida had an unusual encounter with a distressed lemon shark during a recent dive—one that may have saved the injured animal’s life.

Diver Josh Eccles recounted the underwater experience, which was all caught on video, to a local ABC affiliate. Eccles is familiar with the area and behavior of lemon sharks— which aren’t usually threatening to humans—and thought something was off when the shark wouldn’t leave him alone.

“Every time it swam by me, it would bump into me a little more,” Eccles said. After the shark showed Eccles its belly, the diver noticed an issue.

“I noticed something, so I started to poke at it,” Eccles said. That “something” turned out to be a sizable hook embedded in the animal’s flesh. See for yourself in the video below.