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Portable, Foldable Justin Case Kayak Is Perfect for Spontaneous Nature Lovers

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The Justin Case Portable Kayak
(Justin Case Kayak)


One consistent trait of adventurous, nature-loving people is that they’re spontaneous; they follow the road wherever it leads. The Justin Case Kayak will make that easier to do than ever before.

Developed by passionate outdoorspeople who were fed up with the size and cost limitations of traditional kayaks, the Justin Case Kayak is a marvel of design and engineering. It’s fully portable and foldable, made with a light, durable carbon-fiber frame and nylon-fiber ripstop skin. The whole thing folds into a 40″ x 5″ roll that weighs less than six pounds. Anyone who’s ever lugged an actual kayak around will love this thing.




Much like their target audience, the team behind the Justin Case Kayak are young. “We are the generation of studio apartments and two-door sedans,” they say. “We respect mobility and value the environment. We like to travel light.”

Having fully perfected the kayak’s components and tested their prototypes, Justin Case Kayak is ready to begin crowdfunding their production process. Their Kickstarter campaign kicks off on Jan. 31.

Below, watch a video of the kayak in action in Montenegro.

—RealClearLife Staff