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Check Out These Beautiful Pictures of Lake Baikal in Siberia

Photography By
(Marco Fieber/Flickr)
(Marco Fieber/Flickr)


To most people, Siberia is nothing but a cold, forbidding place. That reputation isn’t without merit, but Siberia is also home to one of the planet’s most beautiful sites: Lake Baikal.

Thought to be the world’s oldest lake, and among its deepest and clearest, Lake Baikal is consequently popular with photographers like Kristina Makeeva, especially when it freezes over. The ice that forms over Lake Baikal is up to 6 feet thick and crystal clear, and Makeeva’s photographs of it are phenomenal.

You can see clear through the ice to the deep water underneath, and Makeeva’s photographs also show cracks (caused by heavy frost) and bubbles (caused by methane gas given off by algae). The bubbles almost look like pearls in the ice.

Scroll down to see Makeeva’s incredible photographs of Lake Baikal.






—RealClearLife Staff