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Listen to Lorde’s Anthemic New Single, ‘Perfect Places’

Second single from forthcoming album, 'Melodrama,' out June 16.

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If you’ve been able to avoid Lorde’s glorious first single, “Green Light,” from her upcoming album, Melodrama, you’ve either been living in an underground bunker or a van down by the river.

Now, hear this: You won’t be able to avoid her second one, “Perfect Places,” a close groove-twin to her 2013 single “Team,” but with an even more anthemic hook and edgier, introspective lyrics.

Just check out the chorus: “All the nights spent off our faces/Trying to find these perfect places/What the f— are perfect places, anyway?” Mark our words, millions of Millennials will soon be waving their “lit” smartphones back and forth in dark concert halls to it soon enough.

Listen above.