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Kanye West Leaving Tidal Over Beef With Jay-Z

$3 million bonus may be at center of feud between former tour-mates.

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Who gets to watch the throne now?

Kanye West has decided to leave Jay-Z’s online streaming service, Tidal, according to Esquire and TMZ.

Kayne’s album, The Life of Pablo, debuted on Tidal and brought in 1.5 million new subscribers. He was supposed to received a large bonus, but the rapper’s camp says the anticipated $3 million check never came.

Kanye’s attorneys sent out a series of sternly-worded letters, the last of which was delivered two weeks ago. It stated that Kanye’s contract with Tidal was null and void.

TMZ also reports that there were other unresolved issues and previous threats of legal action by both parties. And there might be hurt feelings of the more recent kind: Jay-Z reportedly took aim at his former touring mate in the lyrics of a tune on the rapper’s most recent album, 4:44.

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