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How Future Members of ZZ Top Faked Out American Fans as ‘The Zombies’

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The Zombies
British rock group The Zombies circa 1960 (King Collection/Photoshot/Getty Images)


In 1969, British Invasion band The Zombies had a major hit on its hands in “Time of the Season.” But there was one problem: The band had split up two years prior, after the album that contained it, 1967’s Odessey and Oracle—misspelled title and all—had unceremoniously flopped. In an effort to make the most of unfortunate timing, an upstart U.S. management company tookmembers of what would become rock band ZZ Top toured them around America as an impostor band of “The Zombies.” Click here for Daniel Ralston’s story on BuzzFeed. Unfamiliar with The Zombies back catalog? Stream the entire Odessey and Oracle album below.