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Ex-Oasis Frontman Drops Video for New Single, ‘Wall of Glass’

Liam Gallagher premiered many new songs at Manchester attacks fundraiser.

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Oasis is dead, long live a Gallagher brother!

While older brother Noel has been pumping out albums under the moniker Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds, touring the world, and spewing out soundbites aplenty, little of note has been heard from or done by younger brother Liam (he released a pair of forgettable albums under the moniker Beady Eye in 2011 and ’13, respectively).

But all that seems to have changed in a matter of days. First, it was announced that Liam would release a solo record. Then he debuted a number of them, as well as a few Oasis classics, at a benefit concert for the Manchester attacks earlier this week (he and his brother are Mancunian by birth). Judging by the crowd appreciation, they have a bright future.

He still has his Oasis-era chops, as you can see/hear from the clip below of that band’s number, “Morning Glory.”

And now, the promotion blitz has seemingly reached a climax, with a trippy video for Gallagher’s first single, “Wall of Glass,” hitting the web. Listen to the song and watch the video above.